A Letter from the Pastor (October 2015 Chronicle)

Dear friends,

The church, as a living organism, shifts and changes around us just as the seasons do. Blown by the winds of the Spirit, we are beginning to experience new and different things. Have you seen it? Have you begun to feel it? It is and will increasingly be an exciting time at First Congregational. I pray you will join us during this time especially so that you might offer your perspective on how it is we can best honor God and serve our neighbors @292. I welcome hearing what God has put on your heart. Please reach out anytime you would like to talk more.

As we approach Thanksgiving this month, we will be invited to consider pledging the amount we will give to the church’s 2016 budget. I encourage you to consider this opportunity with the possibility and promise of the church before you. Our pledged giving (versus our loose offering each week) allows the church – our elected representatives on Boards and Committees – to plan our ministries and missions for the coming year. Not only that but it enables our dreaming into what God has in store. We have a great deal of work to do together to reach toward this and resources, including budgetary, make that possible so I thank you in advance for your generosity in pledging and giving.

This past month, we had the pleasure of welcoming the East Market Street, United Church of Christ community to our building. With the guidance of their pastor, David Brown, the church decided earlier this year to sell their building and enter a time of discernment about their future. They will be “nesting” with us during this discernment. Together with our moderator, Karen Ballard, and various staff and lay leaders, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing both from Pastor David and Jim Perrine, the church’s Consistory President. I encourage you to reach out to the church too, perhaps join them for worship one day and lend prayerful support to their efforts to discern God’s future for them. East Market Street, UCC will worship each Sunday at 10:30am in our Chapel, once the renovations are complete. Until then, they are worshipping in the choir room.

As we near Thanksgiving, I pray your heart will swell with a glad spirit for much in your life – not least of all our church. I pray you will know how thankful I am for you, for First Congregational Church and for your part in what has brought the church this far and what promises to be a bright future.

With thanksgiving,


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