Church School

Church School at First Church is officially in session!

Each Sunday, children ages pre-K through 8th grade are invited to attend Church School. Children attend the 11am worship with their families and after the Children’s Moment are invited to follow their volunteer teachers for Church School.

This year, the preK and kindergarten aged children will engage in their spiritual journey, using the Shine: Living in God’s Light curriculum. These dynamic lessons engage children by calling children to experience the transforming power of God’s love and nurture trust in God and invite children to follow Jesus. Through encouraging imaginative, interactive biblical storytelling, the curriculum explores the meaning of the Bible and expresses faith through lives of compassionate peacemaking and service.

The older children, in grades 1-4 and grades 5-8, are following A Joyful Path curriculum. A Joyful Path explores the foundation of Progressive Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. It encourages children to ask questions and be curious, to go within and find their own inner guidance and wisdom, and to be creative, share their gifts and continue learning about their passions. The lessons also focus on teaching how to take action toward one’s own successes and happiness, to find compassion for all being, and remain inclusive and tolerant of all people.


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