Adult Faith Enrichment

At First Church, we believe that the journey of faith is one of lifelong learning – questioning and probing our doubts and certainties so we might hear the God who still speaks to the world today.

Through the course of the year, we meet together in various settings to explore our faith through book groups, discussions, DVD-series’ and bible study.

Wednesday Faith Enrichment Conversations

Join Associate Minister Antigoné Lowery for The Parables of Jesus, a Faith Enrichment Bible study each Wednesday through May 29. There are two sessions each week: 10:45am-noon and 6:45-8pm. Each week, we will discuss a parable to help us better comprehend Jesus’ message about the kingdom of God, and how it can help us through some of the challenges and struggles we face in our lives. If you have ever wondered if the parables are still relevant for the church today, or if you simply desire to better understand them, this is the perfect study for you!