Adult Faith Enrichment

At First Church, we believe that the journey of faith is one of lifelong learning – questioning and probing our doubts and certainties so we might hear the God who still speaks to the world today.

Through the course of the year, we meet together in various settings to explore our faith through book groups, discussions, DVD-series’ and bible study.

Wednesday Faith Enrichment Conversations

We modern people tend to want just the facts. We want to be able to trust the source to tell us the truth. Many of us carry this perspective over into our reading of scripture. Many people struggle to see the merits of the bible because they expect to be told they will have to accept belief in strange and impossible things. If you’re skeptical, intrigued, or doubtful, this bible study is for you! We are learning about An Odd Couple: Jonah and Ruth, 10:45am-noon each Wednesday in the Library with Pastor Nanette and a Kerygma Bible Study of these two books of the bible until Thanksgiving. You are welcome to attend one or all sessions, as your schedule permits. If you can, bring a bible and notebook along to the sessions.

Evening Faith Enrichment with Rev. Nanette Pitt
From 6:45-8:30pm, you can join Rev. Nanette for an open-minded alternative study – Living the Questions 2. This DVD-based curriculum features thirty acclaimed contributors: scholars, theologians, and Christian practitioners. Each session’s 20-minute video segments include conversations with leading voices of faith, digital stories illustrating aspects of an evolving faith, and concrete spiritual practices to enliven faith. This study is an excellent way to invigorate your faith, to engage with others in asking real questions about the future of Christianity, while growing in fellowship and community with other seekers. Each session stands alone so feel free to attend one or more session, as you are able. All are welcome. Participants are encouraged to download the readings or to pick up a set from the church office.