Adult Faith Enrichment

At First Church, we believe that the journey of faith is one of lifelong learning – questioning and probing our doubts and certainties so we might hear the God who still speaks to the world today.

Through the course of the year, we meet together in various settings to explore our faith through book groups, discussions, DVD-series’ and bible study.

Wednesday Faith Enrichment Conversations

6:45-8pm in the Conference Room, beginning Sept. 11
Finding fulfillment can easily become a task separate from our faith. We are often taught to seek happiness in external and transient things. Join us for an indepth look at the Christian view of happiness and how it relates to recent research on the topic. This 3-week study and discussion group will encourage participants to strengethen the connection between their faith and their lives with inspiring ideas and conversation. Facilitated by Rev. Nanette Pitt, Senior Minister.

10:45am-noon in the Library, beginning Sept. 18
Just as they have in the past, names continue to be of great importance, because they shape so much of our identity. As David S. Slawson once wrote, “names are an important key to what a society values.” If this is true, what kind of value can be given to an individual without a name, as is the case with so many female figures in the Bible?
Beginning on September 18th, join us in the newly renovated Library for a 5-week study of the Unnamed Women of the Bible to explore the lives and stories of many unnamed women and to bring value to their unknown names once again. Facilitated by Antigone Lowery, Associate Minister.