November 2015 Mission of the Month

Limitless Ambition

Outreach has selected Limitless Ambition as the November Mission of the Month. Its mission is to nurture emerging women by shaping their confidence in their ability to lead where leadership is critically needed. Their focus is on teens to women of all ages from economically disadvanted areas across Northeast Ohio. The organization builds on the tenets of empowerment, leadership, integrity, and self development. Three primary programs are:

Purposely Chosen – teaching young girls how to define their passion and purpose, and build a network within their own communities through workshops, online initiatives, and community outreach.

Purposely Chosen Women – women who have moved from education to entering the professional and business world connect with experts that can help them grow.

Limitless Ambition Team – allowing volunteers to have a safe place to practice mentoring, web development, public speaking, and more.

If you would like to make a donation, please write your check to First Congregational Church with “Limitless Ambition” written on the memo line. Thank you!


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