It’s Official: We’re Open & Affirming

Yesterday, in a beautiful show of the strength and grace of Christ lived out in our Congregational tradition, our church gathered at the end of worship, as part of worship, and adopted the proposed Welcome Statement with a 98% affirmative vote.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting yesterday, everyone who participated in the learning opportunities offered over the past nine months of the church-wide discernment process and, especially, to the team who planned and hosted these opportunities: Henry Beazlie (chair), Kathy Berg, Jay Hershey, Margaret Maurer, Sharon Nichols, Kellie Ramirez (vice-chair), Dave Sarver, Kaeth Shaughnessy, and Kersten Swartz.

Thank you too for recognizing the need for us, as a church, to take time and energy this past while to honestly consider our welcome to marginalized communities. As a member said at our meeting on Sunday, adopting our Welcome Statement is just the beginning. We each need to continue our ministry of love and compassion in our world to bring about justice and freedom. What a springboard we now have!


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