South Street Ministries

South Street Ministries (SSM) is a ministry in the South Akron/Summit Lake area that is committed to the physical, socio-economic, and spiritual well-being of this neighborhood. Founded in 1997 by Duane and Lisa Crabbs, SSM has offered 18 years of programming, ministry, and shared life with the people in this area. SSM reaches across racial, economic, cultural and religious barriers for the enrichment of the community.

Major programs include after-school assistance with homework and tutoring, summer youth camp, urban gardening, a bike shop, a jail ministry, open gym basketball, and youth sports scholarships.

The Front Porch Café, located in the Front Porch Building at 798 Grant Street, functions as an employee training center. Currently, the second floor of the building is being reconstructed to offer a location for local businesses, art, social services and ministry offices.

One of their mission statements: “bringing together folks from different backgrounds, classes, and walks to come together for a common good.” Visit to see pictures of this ministry and learn more about how it works to serve and renew the neighborhood.


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