Wednesday Night at the Movies – April Titles

April 3 – Three short films
Looking at the Stars: In a world built on sight and sound, these inspiring young women are chasing their dream to become the first exceptional ballet troupe for blind dancers. A documentary.
Elwood Takes a Lover: Long suspecting that her husband, Elwood, had feelings for another in his youth, Hannah sets out to reunite him with his unrequited love before she succumbs to cancer.
Match: A lonely sock finds his match at the laundromat.

April 10- A feature film
Another Time: When Eric realizes he can go back in time to get the girl of his dreams, will he ultimately choose love or saving the life of the friend who sent him back? (Content advisory: strong language).

April 24 – Three short films
Hey, FiBi: A happy couple’s relationship falls apart when their digital assistant starts making plans of her own.
The Best and the Loneliest Days: A Chinese college student in the US has a dream in English and begins to worry that she is losing touch with her heritage, so she plans a big Chinese New Year’s Party, but things don’t go exactly as planned.
Dear Kimberly: On his last day of work, a hopeless romantic writes a love letter to his office crush.


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