864 Groups are Here – Strengthening Community

What is an 864? Easy answer: 8 people meeting 4 times in 6 months.

Why are we doing this? We, as members and friends of First Church, are a community of faith – followers of Christ. Strengthening our community means forming new relationships and deepening the ones we already have. Spending time together in small groups, having the opportunity for more intimate conversations, is one way to do that. And we want to have fun doing it.

How do they work? First, you sign up to participate, below. Our team (Julie & Bill Brandy, Kellie Ramirez or Chris & Larry Becker) will create the groups. Then each group arranges to meet four times between February 1 and July 31. How and exactly when is up to each group to decide. Want to meet for breakfast or brunch? Perhaps lunch or dinner? Make it a potluck in someone’s home or eat out? Or maybe a picnic? Each of the four get-togethers can be the same or different – it’s up to each group.

Who can participate? Everyone! We are not limiting participation in any way. We do, however, encourage sensitivity to each other’s circumstances – parents needing a babysitter, mobility restrictions, some who may not be able to host in their homes, others who cannot afford the cost of a meal out or who cannot drive at night, to name just a few.

The goal is to meet new people – friends we haven’t yet met – and to deepen existing relationships as we live into our welcome and value others in our community. Everyone has a story. This is an opportunity to hear them.

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