A Letter from the Pastor – May 2018


I have a question for you:

Where in the church, our church, do you see buds and blossoms of hope?

You know well by now how much I love to be out in nature and to see the seasons change – not just the obvious changes, but the little changes too, like the first swelling of the buds on the branches of a tree or the tiniest inkling of a crocus pushing up through the earth and its blanket of snow.

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the change between winter and spring, before the first warm days, it can be hard to see the buds swelling on a tree if you are not intentionally looking for them. The life of faith is very much like this. Sometimes we can’t avoid the big, obvious signs of blessings. The prophet Ezekiel called these “showers of blessing.” But they can also be few and far between, depending on our vantage point. A lot of the time we really need to look for them, and look closely.

So I clarify my question for you: where in the church, our church, are you finding the buds and blossoms of blessing that are signs of hope for you? Obvious signs, yes, but also signs of hope you may not see at first glance.

I invite you to join me in joyfully looking for and testifying to the hope that we find in this place. And I invite you to write it down on the paper leaves that we have available and then to paste them up on the tree with empty branches in the main hallway behind the Meetinghouse (thanks to Ann Synder for this life-giving artwork). Let this tree of testimony become for us a tree of healing, like the tree mentioned in Revelation whose “leaves are for the healing of the nations.”

If we begin to look, we will see, and when we see our whole vision of who we are and who God is calling us to become, it will be clear.

Grace and Peace,


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