Art Show at First Church

From October 6-20, we will be displaying artwork created by members of the congregation and their immediate families (parents and children included). This is not a sale, just a display to highlight the art created by our own members and friends. The pieces will be on display in Fellowship Hall. This will include paintings, drawings, photographs, stained glass and other wall art. In addition we will include 3D art such as sculpture, glass, pottery, needlework, or any other mixed media that doesn’t hang on the wall. We will accept up to 3 pieces per artist, and depending on the response, may not be able to display all pieces at this time. If necessary, another show may be scheduled. The church will do everything possible to ensure the safety of the pieces, but cannot accept any liability for any pieces submitted for the show. Please do not submit extremely fragile or extremely valuable pieces.
With each submission, please include the name of the person submitting, the name of the artist, and the relationship of the artist to the person submitting. Also include the title of the work if there is one, the type of media, and approximately when it was made.
Questions can be submitted to Ann Snyder via text or email. Submission deadline dates will be provided soon. Items can be delivered to the church office during that time.


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