Associate Minister Bobby with children

Associate Minister Update

We are pleased to share that Bobby Burtt will continue on at First Church as our new Associate Minister for Young Adults and Families with Children.

Bobby joined us as Acting Associate Minister in May last year and quickly became part of the fabric of First Church. Bobby is a faithful pastor with a tremendous heart which he shares freely in service of the Gospel. When Bobby first joined us, he shared the following about his passion for ministry, especially to youth and children:

“Growing up in a small country church there were many ways in which I didn’t feel included. While I was deeply loved and cared for by all the members of our community, there were few other children and programing for youth and children was nonexistent. I feel deeply called to help the church I serve have a strong, vibrant program for children and youth and to connect them with other churches so they may share resources and opportunities so that we may all grow in the spirit and love of Christ Jesus. I also hope that by being out and proud, I can be a support and role model to queer children and youth so that they can see that God not only loves them but embraces them and that the Church loves and embraces them also.”

Bobby will transition into his new role of Associate Minister for Young Adults and Families with Children towards the fall season, as we move ahead with the hire of an Associate Minister of Visitation. Until this new hire, however, Bobby will continue to offer pastoral support to our elder and homebound members.


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