Justice and Peace Team is Here!

Congratulations! You have just found the new Justice and Peace blog for First Church. We hope that you will come to this blog often for education and action as we advocate for equality, justice, and peace for all people.

Our group is loosely structured. Anyone can share concerns and promote causes by contacting a member of our team. This blog is for communicating those concerns and encouraging participation. Look here to find out about meetings, activities and events here at our church and in the region.

At the JNP’s first organizational meeting, we decided to first concentrate on issues related to LGBTQ rights, racism, and immigration. We will have a booth at the Akron Pride Festival on August 26 at Hardesty Park, and we will march in the Akron Pride Festival. Contact the church office to volunteer for the First Church booth or to sign up to join our group for the march. Watch here for information about the march and other activities. Click here to learn more about the Festival.

Perhaps you attended the Wednesday sessions about White Privilege. Racism is a deeply rooted problem in our nation and in the world. Our team acknowledges that racism is central to the Israel/Palestinian apartheid situation. We intend to focus on racism and advocate for those who by their color are excluded from participation in decision making. Racism is also at the heart of immigration policies, here and abroad. Our country’s present immigration structure and policies “play favorites,” excluding people of color while welcoming only those who match our concept of what an American should look like: white, Christian, and European. Discrimination against certain immigrants in our country is forcibly dividing families and is a source of intense conflict among our people.

If your heart is moved by any of these focus areas, or if you want to share your own passions, we invite you to connect with the JNP team to learn more and to make our voices for justice and peace heard. Visit this site often as we share our concerns and advocate for justice in our church, in Akron, and in our country and world.


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