Justice and Peace Team

As a congregation, we are committed to the struggle against injustice, discrimination, violence and hatred. We seek to foster a world of peace and wholeness. We need to immerse ourselves in being one with the people who are victims of wrongful justice rather than just helping them. Justice-seeking is not charity. It is a process of education, experience, self-knowledge and awareness of the realities of our world so that we can best address barriers to justice and peace.

The Justice and Peace (JNP) Team coordinates new initiatives in justice and peace. We:

  • Assess the justice and peace needs of our Congregation and communities and craft programming and other activities to meet those needs.
  • Continue the work initiated within our Welcome Statement.
  • Provide regular educational opportunities on justice and peace issues.
  • Publicize justice and peace opportunities and events within the congregation and beyond, and
  • Witness courageously for justice and peace through events and activities.

What are your specific justice and peace passions? We invite you to bring them to the JNP Team. We will work together to empower our congregation to follow God’s commandments through Christ to do justice, seek peace and effect change for a better world.

Anyone who wants to participate should contact the current co-chairs, Margaret Maurer and Sharon Nichols.


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