Worship Livestream

Sunday Worship, Feb, 21, 2021

Celebrate Service – 9:30AM
Participate live on zoom — register now — at 9:30am each Sunday for worship followed by a time of fellowship. Unfamiliar with zoom? Check out the FAQs below. A recording will also be added to our website shortly after the service.

Festival Worship – 11AM
Our Festival Service will stream below and on Facebook where you can watch it live at 11am or a later time. A worship recording will also be added to our website shortly after the service.

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Frequently Asked Questions about zoom Worship

Do I need to register every week?
You need only register once to attend any or all of the Sunday services. The login information is the same for each service. Every devicenot every person, needs to register so if you plan to share a screen, only one of you needs to register. A note of caution — if multiple people in one room login on different devices, you can experience sound distortion. If you need help to register, please contact Kasey (330.253.5109 x112).

Why do we need to register?
Using the registration feature allows us to add a layer of security to a zoom meeting that benefits all participants. We can access the information you share with zoom in the registration process which helps us update the church database. We will not share that information with anyone.

How can I connect by phone (without going online)?
Joining by landline or mobile phone is simple. Please contact Kasey (330.253.5109 x112) to register and get the meeting phone and ID numbers that you will need to join.

Who will be able to see me on zoom?
When you log in using a device with a camera, you will be given the option to activate the video (meaning you will be seen by others attending). The livestream and the recording will only show the service leaders, no participants’ names or faces will be visible on either Facebook or our website. You are not required to join with video and are welcome to turn it on and off as you choose during the service, although it’s always nice to see everyone’s smiling face! Whether or not your camera is active, you can use the chat feature in zoom to comment.

Who will be able to hear me on zoom?
As you login and for the duration of the worship service all participants will be muted so no one will hear you sing or read along, although we do encourage you to do so! You can also use the chat feature to comment during the service. At the end of the worship service, the recording and livestream will stop and all participants who remain will be unmuted for our fellowship time so we can chat together. If there is background noise or you plan to speak to someone off camera, we suggest you mute yourself.

How will the fellowship time work?
Everyone who stays on the zoom call following worship will be able to attend our fellowship time for informal conversation. This portion will not be recorded and will not stream to Facebook or appear on our website. If the group is large, we’ll automatically be randomly split into different breakout rooms. Each room will have an assigned conversation facilitator.

Will I still need to download the bulletin?
If you are participating on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, you will not need to download the bulletin because we will use slides throughout the service with the words to songs, etc., on them. We do still encourage you to download the week’s News & Notes and you can also find children’s bulletins and the service bulletins to download at www.akronfcc.org/live

What if I’m running late or need to leave early?
You can connect to the zoom worship service at any time. You may leave and rejoin or switch off your camera, if you need to step away.

How do I connect to zoom online?
You do not need to create a zoom account to attend, however, you will need to download the free zoom app to participate. If you are using a tablet or smartphone, we recommend downloading the free zoom app in the apple app store or google play store. Once the application is open, you can type in the meeting ID number, which is included in your confirmation email or you can simply click on the link in the confirmation email to join. If you cannot locate it, please contact Kasey. If you are using a computer, click on the link in the confirmation email to join the meeting and you will be prompted to download and install zoom for free and then will automatically join the meeting. Alternately, you can go to the zoom website. In the heading on the right hand side is “Join a Meeting.” Click that button, then key in the meeting ID number on the next screen and follow the prompts. If you need help connecting, please contact Kasey (330.253.5109 x112) well in advance of the meeting to arrange a practice meeting.

What if I don’t want to / can’t join on zoom?
Please see instructions for connecting by phone above. The worship portion of each week’s service will stream to our Facebook page in real time where you can watch it live or whenever you choose to. Worship will also be added to our website shortly after each service and be available there for later viewing.

Don’t see your question listed? Please contact Kasey Kalchert (330.253.5109 ext 112) in the church office for assistance! If you have technical issues logging into the zoom meeting, please let her know so that she may offer assistance to join in the future!