Make the Story Yours!

Hello friends,

I’m sorry that this picture isn’t great — we were all too busy getting into the story to plan good pics! But I hope it manages to convey what a great time we had last year at First Church’s first Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant.

I hope you will join us this coming Sunday morning at 11am for this year’s Pageant. It’s one of my favorite parts of our Christmas traditions because, more than anything else, it allows us to get inside the story and reminds us that this is a living, breathing story. It’s a story as much about now as it is about Jesus’ birth 2,000+ years ago because we are all meant to usher God’s love, peace, and justice into the world as we await Christ’s second coming.

So I hope that this year, you’ll don a costume, sing a song, sway a little, laugh with a 2-year old, and tear up with an 80-year old — we’ll all be there: tall and short, pink, brown, and black, gay and straight, believers and questioners, so come join the throng!

Our 2016 Unrehearsed Christmas Pageant will be held on Sunday, December 18, at 11am in the Meetinghouse. The service will be followed by wassail and treats in Fellowship Hall. All are welcome!


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