Pardon our dust during building updates!

Our Food Pantry continues to be a wonderful success every Tuesday morning meeting. Looking for sustainable ways to continue to meet the need of our neighbors in the Greater Akron area without taxing our current crew of volunteers, coordinators Deb and Clay Canfield have approached church leadership and consulted with the Chancel and Handbell choirs with the proposal that includes reallocating the current choir room for Food Pantry use.

Both the music and food justice programs are core to the identity of First Church and this reflected in the thoughtful conversation that has led to a decision to refurbish the current Small Dinning Room (formally Memorial Lounge) as a Music Room. With the guidance of our music librarian Margaret Maurer and Julie Lehman, adjustments are being made on the third floor to accommodate the Music Library in the room adjacent to our current Archives. We are also working closely with our Handbell Choir Director, Christine Allison to ensure the bell choir’s needs are met.

In future we anticipate utilizing the Conference Room and Chapel more fully to accommodate groups that use our facilities. To make the Conference Room more flexible for these meeting needs, new tables, chairs and storage will be added. Work is already underway in some areas, and we are hoping to have the projects completed by the start of the program year in September. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during the summer months as the work progresses!

Another project is in the works! Due to a generous gift from the Stalnaker family in memory of Gene Stalnaker, we are refurbishing our Library. The Library is located on our main floor, adjacent to the Food Pantry, across from Pastor Nanette’s study. This room, which is available to all members, currently houses many books and hosts the occasional board meeting as well as the Faith Formation morning sessions. The room update will include new carpeting, new wood-handled upholstered armchairs, and coffee tables. The walls will be stripped of the wallpaper and repainted, and the woodwork updated. Our collection of books is being reviewed, and will be put back on the shelves by topic so that it will be easier to locate a helpful book. We are excited to add some new books to our collection to address topics facing our families in today’s world. Our goal is to have the work finished by the beginning of the program year.

If you have any questions about these projects, please contact Janis Worley at


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