Faith Enrichment

At First Church, we believe that the journey of faith is one of lifelong learning — questioning and probing our doubts and certainties so we might hear the God who still speaks to the world today. Through the course of the year, we meet together in various settings to explore our faith through bible study, book groups, discussions, and TV-series.

Current Opportunities:

Wednesday Morning and Evening: Advent of the Savior

Beginning November 30, 10:45am & 6:45pm

Faith Enrichment Advent 2022

Join Bobby on Wednesday mornings and evenings for a three-week exploration from the perspective of ancient figures in the unfolding story of Christmas. This Advent bible study works backward through the story of the birth of Jesus, looking at key passages from various characters’ points of view. Join Bobby in the library on Wednesday mornings (10:45am-noon) or in the Conference Room on Wednesday evenings for soup and conversation (6:45pm-8:00pm) beginning today, November 30!